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The company has been established in 1950 by Colin Witter, who saw the increasing demand for easy to use towbars by travel and cargo trailers owners who had more free time in the post-war Great Britain.
Since the beginning, over half a century ago, Witter Towbars consequently sets quality, reliability and profitability standards.

The vision of Collin has led to establishment of Witter Towbars, leading manufacturer of towbars in Great Britain. Today, because of continuous investments, Witter is a synonym of the highest standards within the scope of design, quality and safety provided to drivers and road users. From its modern headquarters in Deeside in Northern Wales, the company delivers full range of towbars and accessories using global network of specialist distributors and fitters – also in your neighbourhood.


We employ a team of qualified engineers responsible for the design of your towbar, from the first idea up to developing production drawings.

The first stage is a look at new vehicle and development of design concept, which will be integrated with towbar fixing points of vehicle manufacturer without any problems. This means obtaining European ECE type-approval, production efficiency, installation easiness and what is most important – aesthetics of the ready product in a vehicle.

All towbars are designed based on the state-of-the-art 3D Computer Aided Design technology. This provides us with high flexibility during designing process. Having developed a prototype, it is tested according to European requirements of the Directive 94/20/EC concerning type-approval.

These tests are performed using our hydraulic test platforms and are independently observed and authorized by the British Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA). When VCA finds that we have met all criteria given in EC regulations, it grants CE type approval for a given towbar.

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